6 Benefits of a Personal Website

6 Benefits of a Personal Website


Why do you need a website? The thought of having a personal website comes into everyone’s mind in this day and age. The trend of building personal websites is growing now since its very easy to build websites now with services and tools which support plug and play development and addition of tools to help build an awesome website.


It can be really good at finding a Job!

If you have a personal website, it gives a perception that you are more professional and understands the importance of having a website. It gives you an edge compared to most of the job seekers who do not have a website.


Better than Social Media

Website is way better than social media, as we do not have any control over social media and we can control which type of content we put on the website, social media websites have too much control over the content that gets put on their website, so website can help you get full control of your content and the way it is displayed.


It is good for personal branding

A website represents your personal brand and you can give the customers or viewers a personal flavour of content without any restriction of any social media platform or any other website.


Less Expensive

Building a website is no more a costly thing. We can easily create a website and find a cheap hosting, there are a number of cheap hosting companies that provide a ton of hosting packages and solutions on which we can deploy a website in no more than 10- 15 minutes as soon as your hosting is active.



Whatever you do either work or hobby, people perceive you as being more professional.


Personal Branded Email

When you have your own domain and website, you can have your own custom e-mail connected to your domain. It looks much more professional. You also do not have to worry about using other email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, and other services.

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