7 Awesome tips to help you get up early

Hi Guys, it’s been long since I wrote something on my blog. It’s just the fact that I haven’t been much of the writer my whole life and been much of a coder. Now I really want to help my readers get rid of some of the common hurdles and pain points in achieving high performance in work


Waking up in the morning is always a struggle throughout cultures, people from the countryside or urban areas, children or older people, all face the same problem of waking early in the morning.

I am sharing 7 awesome tips to help you get hold of your sleeping habits and help you wake up early with all the freshness and energy you deserve. I have been working on applying some of those habits myself and they really work but you have to take it slowly. You can try to adopt one tip per week and try to change little by little. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.


Consistency in sleeping and wake up time. No matter how much work we have and how haywire the job is if we want to wake up early and regularly than we need to work on how much consistent are we with going to bed and shutting our systems down.


Have a pre-bedtime routine is helpful to train your subconscious to detect sleeping time automatically. You can have a ritual before sleeping, it can be like taking a warm shower, turning on a warm yellow light in your room. Be sure to turn off your screens at least half an hour, so that your mind takes the signal that you are ready for bed. Some cell phones have screen setting of ‘Night Light’ which changes the screen light to yellow.


Eat your dinner 2 hours before you want to sleep so that your body does not have to do much work in digesting the food you just ate, also make sure you eat less fatty and light foods in the evening. It’s best to adopt the formula to eat healthy breakfast followed by light lunch and dinner.


Make up your mind to give yourself a good reason to wake up, that way your subconscious will help you in waking up. One thing you can do is to go for exercise, with the extra time you have now utilize that time to think, read a blog and learn something new like how baking etc. Giving yourself a reward is a good technique in building positive habits.


Change your sleeping pattern in small increments, instead of doing a shift of two or three hours from the next day, its best to go to bed 15 minutes early and waking 15 minutes as your usual time and than taking it to 30 minutes after few days say a week, remember we are trying to change your habits for good so it’s better if we take it to slow instead of making drastic changes.


Using smart alarms and gadgets can help in getting some activity going in your head and break the sleep pattern, there are certain apps that give you simple mathematical problems to solve in order to shut down the alarm. Also, try keeping your alarm clock or cell phone far away from your bed so you have physically get up to shut it down.


Leave the bed as soon as you are awake, do not lay in the bed after waking up, go in the washroom to freshen up, do not give yourself any reason to lay in the bed. Remember we are changing the mindset here and laying in the bed after waking up give you a reason to sleep again.

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