Breaking tasks into subtasks

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Lao Tzu


Big tasks and low motivation go hand in hand. You can’t even muster the energy to start the work. This seems to happen to everyone I know. The idea of a big task is incomprehensible by the human brain, and that is one of the reasons people cannot find it motivating.


When you are thinking of starting the big thing on your to-do list, you would be compelled to have a peek at Instagram, or give just a quick look at facebook feed before you begin and before you know, it may be more than 30 mins gone. It’s just hard, and the more we fight it, the more daunting it becomes.


I have been through these struggles before, and let me tell you this hasn’t been easy. Let me tell you how I get to work on Software Projects, been in the software industry for so long just gives you some idea how the estimate things and the first part of estimation are just to break the project or task into chunks and keep breaking them into a smallest possible item.


Then we can put a time of each of the chunk and start doing it in bits, that way we can just accomplish each of the little task and that way we can build momentum and before you know it the task is done, complete!


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