You can always outsource it

You can always outsource it

There are some tasks and type of work in your life that you just cannot muster the courage to start working on, everyone has a different kind of issues. Some people have problems doing designing or computer graphics; other might have issues doing some calculations or writing something.

In this age and time outsourcing is on the rise and whatever you think as work can be outsourced from designing, writing, researching or even managing your contacts everything can be outsourced nowadays.

There are some websites that also help outsource tasks like freelancer, upwork, and people per hour. They are global websites, and guys from around the globe are interested to work on your tasks, and if you visit those websites, you can find a large number of categories people are interested in.

I think its okay to have someone take a look at some of the work you have. It helps to get some expert help you finish your work if you are not expert in that technology or you haven’t done that task yourself. Now you can do the work you are good at and relax.

It does not have to be Perfect!

It does not have to be perfect


Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.


Finding a perfect time to start your project, start exercising, start your business or see the right idea to start your venture, the wait for that time continues. We are always thinking or waiting for this moment when this is going to be just perfect for our project to start whichever it may be.

But the thing is its never going to be perfect, because life is designed that way it not perfect and its never going to be. We have some perception of an ideal time in our mind when things are going to be just right, and our project will only going to succeed and completed easily.

We just have to jump on the bandwagon and start working, and we cannot be sure that the time we were looking for in the future was the time right now. So its never better to wait for any time and just start the work now

The only time we have control over is the time we have now. Past is lost forever and can only be used to learn and educate ourselves. The things we have done cannot be reversed, whats done is done. Future is not real yet, its just a perception of what we think the future must be, it can be useful or bad relative to our current situation.

I have seen product owners spending too much time on product improvement that they forget that they have to launch it at some time to get feedback on what the client wants. They just miss the part of feedback from the customers. It’s always best to get the feedback as early on as possible, so the product that we are building has some quality features and helps customers in some way.

We have time now if we use it to better ourselves we will have a different future if we don’t want no one to blame. But it’s going to be another day tomorrow it could be better or worse than today, but I am telling you that its never going to be perfect.

Keeping Yourself Busy

Keeping Busy

Being busy is a good thing, but when you have larger goals in life, you need to keep the focus on the things that help you achieve those goals.


Usually, when people can’t think of anything to do or just don’t have anything significant on their mind, they typically drift into a low motivation mode. See the retired people who after there daily job is finished and are retired from their jobs, tend just to sit around and do not even muster the energy to go somewhere and have fun. Its the same ideal situation they always dreamed. You must have heard this from a friend or someone you know that he’s working hard now so that he can take a break when he has made a fortune, and he’s going to sit back and have fun the rest of his life. Once you have made enough money and you think it’s going to be enough for the rest of the life, its already very late and you have lost the precious time of your life working and now you do not have the energy and friends to enjoy the money you make.


Reactive and Proactive Tasks

There are two types of tasks that we do reactive and proactive tasks. We usually keep ourselves busy in the tasks that are reactive and forgot about the proactive tasks. Reactive tasks are those that are very important at that time but do not have any long-term effect on our lives and our goals. Proactive tasks are those who help you get ahead in life like coming up with new ideas. Writing a blog post and doing planning for your goals.


So the effort should be made to make a shift from doing reactive tasks to proactive tasks and keeping a check that we do not drift back to tasks that do not have a clear growth associated with our goals.


Procrastination can be easily broken when you start doing something even that’s just taking a walk. Keeping your mind busy has some positive effects on your entire life and habits.


Being Busy Is’nt Bad

The people who keep there self-busy have a positive feedback on life and always have something on their mind and its this habit which keeps them finishing tasks before anyone else. Also, try to keep a to-do list with you and try to plan one day ahead for the tasks that need to be done the next day. I am going to be writing a new series of articles on the tips from Brian Tracy and his videos.


Parkinson’s Law…

A law that describes the productivity and efficiency of a system might as well be the holy grail of most large organizations. Cyril Parkinson, the originator of the Parkinson’s Law, was the first to describe the relationship between the number of employees and the efficiency of a system. He coined this term as a jest – the Royal Navy at that time was diminishing in fighting prowess but strangely enough, its administrative size continued to rise without any apparent increase in the work load. So, being a political analyst as he was, he remarked playfully on the sluggish and inefficient machine of the Admiralty in what later came to be a mathematical and scientific law, the Parkinson’s Law.


According to the Parkinson’s Law, the growth of a large administrative body in terms of the number of people is inevitable regardless of the increase in its capacity or the introduction of a huge stockpile of tasks. As Parkinson’s Law defines it “work expands to fill the time available for its completion”. Because a sufficiently large organization will generate enough work to keep itself busy without accomplishing anything. People usually perceive tasks as more time consuming than they might be, partly because they require more legroom but partly also because they simply are unable to judge the amount of time a task may require. This results in a drop in the overall efficiency of a system. Often while delegating a simple task to a team or large number of people, instead of getting it done faster, the process becomes stagnant simply due to the large number of processes it has to go through. One person’s approach might differ from another person’s on the team, leading to possible conflict and constriction in the flow of work.


Parkinsons law may appear to be a very negative phenomenon but using it aptly may increase your productivity and leave you with more time to relax

  • Set a time limit and stick with it. Often at times we tend to stretch our work unnecessarily to give us more legroom. However by setting a time limit to tasks, you restrict other activities that may hamper your schedule and increase your work efficiency
  • Another good practice is to set realistic goals regularly. Tell yourself that you need to do tasks XYZ by evening. This will create a gap between what you have already accomplished and what you need to achieve. Attaining your goals will also boost your confidence and trust in yourself as an added bonus.
  • Penalize yourself for lazing around or being unfocused. Log out from facebook or any other media website that may distract you. Find yourself an environment that reinforces your productivity and lets you be comfortable as well
  • Don’t approach large tasks as a whole. Break them down into smaller, more manageable sub-tasks. This will help you repel lethargy and also let you keep a good check upon your work.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead take short, scheduled breaks to relax and get up to speed.

Reward Yourself…

You are not alone to think that only you can’t fathom the courage to finish the home work or the boring tasks in office. There are a ton of people out there who feel the same. I have been using a technique that has helped me achieve a greater number of tasks done and have given me a whole lot sense of satisfaction.

I, first break it into small chunks and further give myself small rewards after the task gets completed. These rewards are the benefits that keep us motivated and we go about finishing tasks in the greed of getting the rewards.

In the office environment when you cannot leave the office and must be seen sitting on the desk giving yourself reward becomes difficult but what you can do is give yourself the motivation of getting few minutes to watch a relaxing video, taking deep breath for 2 minutes, reading your favorite blog or taking a strall and talking to your best buddy in office.

However if you are one of the guys who work from home and have the luxury of working when you please and don’t have a boss who keeps an eye on you. Your rewards can be different and can be quiet different. Working from home has some benefits and some challenges also finding the motivation to finish things at home without any pressure can be challenging for some of the people who have been used to having a boss giving them timelines, we can discuss this in a article later.

The benefits for the some who work from home could be taking a walk out and taking a stretch, playing a level of your favorite arcade game, taking a lunch break outside, having a coffee break or watching an episode of your favorite tv series ‘LOST’.

I have been using this technique for quite a while now and it helps get the tasks done whether I am working from home or in office. I used go to an office before when I had a boss and the reward types mentioned before helped me get through then and now since I am the boss now I have to switch to a different kind of rewards.

Please let me know in the comments below about what kind of rewards are you thinking about giving yourself in which environment.