Remind yourself that you get courage after you have done it


Our mind is a great tool and if used effectively can help to achieve enormous things. In the series of articles related to procrastination eliminating techniques, working on yourself and managing your mind should be on the top.

There are two ingredients to this mind strategy.


We need to break the tasks into chunks as described in the previous articles and start with the smallest task. This way a sort of momentum is built and when we start to finish that small task we get a small level of satisfaction. The satisfaction of finishing the task will give us fuel to do more and it keeps on building. So the key here is to start doing and just begin working even if we are low on motivation.

We can consider the example of exercising, we all at certain level know that we need to exercise to be healthy and we even after knowing this, we tend to procrastinate and lay around watching television. What we can do to get going and build momentum exercising is to start changing our diet and watching what we are eating, just doing this will help us change our perspective on health and we will feel good saying no to certain foods. Then when we are watching what we are eating we will surely feel bad when we eat something with high cholesterol or fatty food like burgers, fries, and soft drinks. This feeling bad will make us move around and start to walk to exercise.

So starting small is the key to feeling good and becoming motivated to move ahead.


Breaking tasks into subtasks

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Lao Tzu


Big tasks and low motivation go hand in hand. You can’t even muster the energy to start the work. This seems to happen to everyone I know. The idea of a big task is incomprehensible by the human brain, and that is one of the reasons people cannot find it motivating.


When you are thinking of starting the big thing on your to-do list, you would be compelled to have a peek at Instagram, or give just a quick look at facebook feed before you begin and before you know, it may be more than 30 mins gone. It’s just hard, and the more we fight it, the more daunting it becomes.


I have been through these struggles before, and let me tell you this hasn’t been easy. Let me tell you how I get to work on Software Projects, been in the software industry for so long just gives you some idea how the estimate things and the first part of estimation are just to break the project or task into chunks and keep breaking them into a smallest possible item.


Then we can put a time of each of the chunk and start doing it in bits, that way we can just accomplish each of the little task and that way we can build momentum and before you know it the task is done, complete!


Starting A Website…

How can you create a website on your own

This simple guide shows you step by step procedures to create a brand-new website in no more than a day.

This guide helps you to create a website with simple steps that you can follow in order, and you will have a dazzling website up in no time. This guide helps you to build a website without the help of any web developer or any technical person. 🙂 (Sorry my fellow dev’s no hard feelings but I must help my nontechnical friends)

First and foremost you need to think of a domain for your website, this is an address from which anyone can access your website, you should try to find a name that truly signifies what your intent of the site, what’s it about and what are you trying to achieve from it.

Second what kind of website platform you are targeting. I would recommend if you are a starter you should not worry about it and just go with WordPress.

Purchase and Buy Domain

To buy a domain and setup the website you will need to purchase it from a hosting service; I use bluehost, would recommend. It’s very easy to setup the website with bluehost, and there are excellent packages that you can use to create the website.

You can check the domain name that is available and just click buy.

Initially, when we buy the hosting we get a domain for free for one year, the next part is buying a relevant hosting to host your website (Your website’s content and images need to be stored in some location the world).

Now you are ready to put up a website on the hosting that you bought from bluehost. Just go into the cpanel from the account credentials that bluehost sent to your email and click through to the section where you may install apps on the website. Choose WordPress and it will be a click through the wizard which will give you a good option to select from a number of themes on the website. Find a relevant theme that you think is feasible for you and matches with the content you are going to be displaying or you can buy any of the latest and fun themes from sites like

Now you have to go into the Admin section and make some adjustments depending on your needs and it will be a bit tricky but lots of information on developing websites on WordPress is available, I just love WordPress for its simplicity.

It’s not necessary to make so many changes on WordPress site of yours. You can just start by choosing the one that is exactly the design you were looking, that will save you a lot of custom changes and development cost.

Please let me know if you need any help configuring your site and I can help you find more resources or put more articles out for you guys.



parkinson's law

Deadlines are dreadful, right?

We have all encountered them, and we all hate them.  But let’s not forget they are there for a reason, to help you stay away from the luscious grasp of procrastination. Unfortunately, despite having “dreadful deadlines” breathing down your neck, you still find yourself spiraling into the all too familiar abyss of idling around just to get a glimpse of Facebook, or a dash of YouTube just to end up having a panic attack at the last minute, jumping into action station and pulling and all-nighter. And for what? I ask. For that poorly done assignment that barely scraps a C? Or that pile of laundry that’s practically begging you for a good, hearty soak. Sounds familiar? Welcome aboard!

However, there is a cure for procrastination. (And no, I’m not going to say, “Just stop procrastinating,” fear not)

You see, procrastination arises when there is a lack of interest in the task at hand. You start to lose focus if there is no connection between what you are doing, and yourself. That’s one of the primary reasons for procrastination. After all, nobody likes to invest their energy in things they don’t care about. A simple solution is to choose your tasks carefully and with precaution. If it doesn’t interest you, it’s better off in the hands of someone else.

But what if the tasks are unavoidable? You ask.

Hmm.  Well then let’s look at how to tackle such tasks, I say.

A good way to avoid wasting your time is to sort your tasks according to their urgency, importance and time frame. For example, if there is paper waiting to be submitted next week, you probably should start working on it. Meanwhile, watching a re-run of Breaking Bad doesn’t seem like that important, and you can easily write that off your list of impending tasks. Similarly, if a report is due, you better get on it ASAP. Finish the important stuff first and get it out of the way so you can finally see Gustavo Fringe being blown away for the second time. Oh, and also meet your deadline…

A helpful little trick that I picked up on the way out of a dawdling lifestyle was to set a reward for myself for completing my tasks. One strategy that worked particularly well was that I used to hand over one of my sketches to a friend (yes, I draw as well). If I was able to complete the task in the given time limit, I used to recover my sketch, and if not, my friend used to keep it.

And since I loathed just handing over my sketches that I had worked on for many long and painstaking hours, I used to find a kind of motivation and earnest that helped me meet my target and ignore the conspicuous callings of procrastination.

I found this trick to significantly increase my productivity and positive attitude towards deadlines as there was always something to be gained at the end of the tasks.

In short, rewarding yourself after the successful completion of work is an excellent way to promote your productivity and assures that you are up to the tasks. Overcoming the habit of procrastinating is a pathway to improved self-esteem, confidence and an overall sense of accomplishment.

Taking a break…

Sometimes procrastination can only be broken by practicing some mind shift. We are often just hung up on things, and the problem is our “Pattern of Life.” We need to be able to break free from that pattern and often taking a nap helps a lot in this.

Taking your mind off something, and doing something entirely different; like going for a walk, having a cup of tea or going for movies. These are examples of a good mood-changing activity, and after that, you might feel very refreshed and are able to do your work much better.

This type of trick can often be helpful when we are working regularly for a few months, and taking a vacation to a northern country for hiking, or visiting Thailand can give you a boost for another few months!

Let us go through a simple example of our own. A container can only take as much as the volume within; keep filling it and there will be a time when it will either overflow or the inflow will totally stop! This is called CRAMMING! Our brains are made up of two parts as per scientific analysis. One part does the thinking and the other stores memories and selects them as per scenarios. This process is simple but repeating the process again and again every day, makes the flow uninspiring. And, there will be a time when the uninspiring flow will become a burden. This is where the container has been Crammed at its full.

A break is actually a way of making a hole in this container and letting some outflow from the container. Since our brains and bodies are designed to adopt to minor breaks in such a way that even though for just a small time, these breaks makes memories worth a dozen days and we cherish them! For some people this break can go from days to weeks, and for other people the break can bring the same results in mere hours! Depends totally on the activity and the willingness plus satisfaction of the person in question.

Also, apart from the steps of breaking procrastination, sometimes it is the mental and emotional response to fatigue and a sign of getting worked up. So it’s okay to let it be and just give yourself some time to recharge.

Life is supposed to be hard, and it is filled with setbacks, and it just gets to you at times so just take a deep breath and give some room to relax and not feel cheated. This is where TRAVELLING is the best answer. It broadens our horizon and lets in some cool breeze. Not literally when we are travelling to a desert safari, but anyways! There is a reason why the famous chocolate brand kept its one-liner caption as “Have a Break, have a KitKat!” Because a GAP is necessary.