Frog Eating…

Its not easy to get your butt up and finish the most difficult task ahead. You just have to do it. The best way to get the momentum up for finishing up tasks and having satisfaction is to start the day with the most difficult task each day and it is called frog eating. You eat the frog at the start that way even the other tasks don’t get completed you still feel the satisfaction to finishing up the task that was looming over you. If you start with small tasks and you leave the tough one for the last, your mind will always be caught up with the big one whole day and you are not going to feel better.

High level of performance can only be achieved by tackling your major task first when starting the day. You should develop this strategy to do the most important task each day and move on to the smaller ones after that.

This way your brain gives you a positive satisfaction message and you seem to feel good about your self. As you do this day after day your self satisfaction increases and the momentum to finish tasks becomes greater.

This is a great way to shatter procrastination and you should always try to do the major task each day before doing any of the smaller ones.

Try to prepare a list of things to do each day with high to low priority. High priority tasks must be done first.

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