It does not have to be Perfect!


Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.


Finding a perfect time to start your project, start exercising, start your business or see the right idea to start your venture, the wait for that time continues. We are always thinking or waiting for this moment when this is going to be just perfect for our project to start whichever it may be.

But the thing is its never going to be perfect, because life is designed that way it not perfect and its never going to be. We have some perception of an ideal time in our mind when things are going to be just right, and our project will only going to succeed and completed easily.

We just have to jump on the bandwagon and start working, and we cannot be sure that the time we were looking for in the future was the time right now. So its never better to wait for any time and just start the work now

The only time we have control over is the time we have now. Past is lost forever and can only be used to learn and educate ourselves. The things we have done cannot be reversed, whats done is done. Future is not real yet, its just a perception of what we think the future must be, it can be useful or bad relative to our current situation.

I have seen product owners spending too much time on product improvement that they forget that they have to launch it at some time to get feedback on what the client wants. They just miss the part of feedback from the customers. It’s always best to get the feedback as early on as possible, so the product that we are building has some quality features and helps customers in some way.

We have time now if we use it to better ourselves we will have a different future if we don’t want no one to blame. But it’s going to be another day tomorrow it could be better or worse than today, but I am telling you that its never going to be perfect.

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