Remind yourself that you get courage after you have done it

Our mind is a great tool and if used effectively can help to achieve enormous things. In the series of articles related to procrastination eliminating techniques, working on yourself and managing your mind should be on the top.

There are two ingredients to this mind strategy.


We need to break the tasks into chunks as described in the previous articles and start with the smallest task. This way a sort of momentum is built and when we start to finish that small task we get a small level of satisfaction. The satisfaction of finishing the task will give us fuel to do more and it keeps on building. So the key here is to start doing and just begin working even if we are low on motivation.

We can consider the example of exercising, we all at certain level know that we need to exercise to be healthy and we even after knowing this, we tend to procrastinate and lay around watching television. What we can do to get going and build momentum exercising is to start changing our diet and watching what we are eating, just doing this will help us change our perspective on health and we will feel good saying no to certain foods. Then when we are watching what we are eating we will surely feel bad when we eat something with high cholesterol or fatty food like burgers, fries, and soft drinks. This feeling bad will make us move around and start to walk to exercise.

So starting small is the key to feeling good and becoming motivated to move ahead.


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