Reward Yourself…

You are not alone to think that only you can’t fathom the courage to finish the home work or the boring tasks in office. There are a ton of people out there who feel the same. I have been using a technique that has helped me achieve a greater number of tasks done and have given me a whole lot sense of satisfaction.

I, first break it into small chunks and further give myself small rewards after the task gets completed. These rewards are the benefits that keep us motivated and we go about finishing tasks in the greed of getting the rewards.

In the office environment when you cannot leave the office and must be seen sitting on the desk giving yourself reward becomes difficult but what you can do is give yourself the motivation of getting few minutes to watch a relaxing video, taking deep breath for 2 minutes, reading your favorite blog or taking a strall and talking to your best buddy in office.

However if you are one of the guys who work from home and have the luxury of working when you please and don’t have a boss who keeps an eye on you. Your rewards can be different and can be quiet different. Working from home has some benefits and some challenges also finding the motivation to finish things at home without any pressure can be challenging for some of the people who have been used to having a boss giving them timelines, we can discuss this in a article later.

The benefits for the some who work from home could be taking a walk out and taking a stretch, playing a level of your favorite arcade game, taking a lunch break outside, having a coffee break or watching an episode of your favorite tv series ‘LOST’.

I have been using this technique for quite a while now and it helps get the tasks done whether I am working from home or in office. I used go to an office before when I had a boss and the reward types mentioned before helped me get through then and now since I am the boss now I have to switch to a different kind of rewards.

Please let me know in the comments below about what kind of rewards are you thinking about giving yourself in which environment.


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