Starting A Website…

How can you create a website on your own

This simple guide shows you step by step procedures to create a brand-new website in no more than a day.

This guide helps you to create a website with simple steps that you can follow in order, and you will have a dazzling website up in no time. This guide helps you to build a website without the help of any web developer or any technical person. 🙂 (Sorry my fellow dev’s no hard feelings but I must help my nontechnical friends)

First and foremost you need to think of a domain for your website, this is an address from which anyone can access your website, you should try to find a name that truly signifies what your intent of the site, what’s it about and what are you trying to achieve from it.

Second what kind of website platform you are targeting. I would recommend if you are a starter you should not worry about it and just go with WordPress.

Purchase and Buy Domain

To buy a domain and setup the website you will need to purchase it from a hosting service; I use bluehost, would recommend. It’s very easy to setup the website with bluehost, and there are excellent packages that you can use to create the website.

You can check the domain name that is available and just click buy.

Initially, when we buy the hosting we get a domain for free for one year, the next part is buying a relevant hosting to host your website (Your website’s content and images need to be stored in some location the world).

Now you are ready to put up a website on the hosting that you bought from bluehost. Just go into the cpanel from the account credentials that bluehost sent to your email and click through to the section where you may install apps on the website. Choose WordPress and it will be a click through the wizard which will give you a good option to select from a number of themes on the website. Find a relevant theme that you think is feasible for you and matches with the content you are going to be displaying or you can buy any of the latest and fun themes from sites like

Now you have to go into the Admin section and make some adjustments depending on your needs and it will be a bit tricky but lots of information on developing websites on WordPress is available, I just love WordPress for its simplicity.

It’s not necessary to make so many changes on WordPress site of yours. You can just start by choosing the one that is exactly the design you were looking, that will save you a lot of custom changes and development cost.

Please let me know if you need any help configuring your site and I can help you find more resources or put more articles out for you guys.


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