Keeping Yourself Busy

Keeping Busy

Being busy is a good thing, but when you have larger goals in life, you need to keep the focus on the things that help you achieve those goals.


Usually, when people can’t think of anything to do or just don’t have anything significant on their mind, they typically drift into a low motivation mode. See the retired people who after there daily job is finished and are retired from their jobs, tend just to sit around and do not even muster the energy to go somewhere and have fun. Its the same ideal situation they always dreamed. You must have heard this from a friend or someone you know that he’s working hard now so that he can take a break when he has made a fortune, and he’s going to sit back and have fun the rest of his life. Once you have made enough money and you think it’s going to be enough for the rest of the life, its already very late and you have lost the precious time of your life working and now you do not have the energy and friends to enjoy the money you make.


Reactive and Proactive Tasks

There are two types of tasks that we do reactive and proactive tasks. We usually keep ourselves busy in the tasks that are reactive and forgot about the proactive tasks. Reactive tasks are those that are very important at that time but do not have any long-term effect on our lives and our goals. Proactive tasks are those who help you get ahead in life like coming up with new ideas. Writing a blog post and doing planning for your goals.


So the effort should be made to make a shift from doing reactive tasks to proactive tasks and keeping a check that we do not drift back to tasks that do not have a clear growth associated with our goals.


Procrastination can be easily broken when you start doing something even that’s just taking a walk. Keeping your mind busy has some positive effects on your entire life and habits.


Being Busy Is’nt Bad

The people who keep there self-busy have a positive feedback on life and always have something on their mind and its this habit which keeps them finishing tasks before anyone else. Also, try to keep a to-do list with you and try to plan one day ahead for the tasks that need to be done the next day. I am going to be writing a new series of articles on the tips from Brian Tracy and his videos.